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Monday, February 2, 2009

Hamas slams Blair’s statements as old scenario

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Hamas slams Blair’s statements as old scenario

The Hamas Movement deplored the statement of Tony Blair, the envoy of the Quartet to the Middle East, in which he said that Hamas must be included in the peace process but after renouncing resistance and recognizing Israel, considering it the same old scenario repeated by the West to cover up for its rejection of the Palestinian democracy.

In a press statement received by the PIC, MP Mushir Al-Masri, the secretary-general of the Hamas parliamentary bloc, said that such statements are worthless and ridiculous because the idea of integrating the Movement into the peace process is rejected earlier by the Movement and many Arab and international parties.

MP Masri underscored that Blair"s statement is considered a recognition that Hamas is a primary force in the Palestinian arena, adding that the repeated talk about not ignoring Hamas confirms the European and global realization that all attempts to eliminate Hamas have failed.

The lawmaker noted that the only gateway to the Palestinian cause and the implementation of any agreement can only be achieved through the Movement.

For its part, the Palestinian government considered Blair"s statement a clear recognition of the centrality of Hamas in the process of conflict and peace in the middle east.

In a statement to the Bayan information center, Dr. Yousef Rizqa, an advisor to premier Ismail Haneyya, pointed out that a change can be noticed in Blair"s statements about Hamas resulting from the steadfastness of the Gaza Strip in the face of the Israeli aggression.

Dr. Rizqa said that Blair"s statements also show that he still assumes the wrong role when talking about moderation and peace and not denouncing the killing of children, women and the use of internationally prohibited weapons by Israel.

Haneyya"s advisor criticized Blair for not visiting Gaza so far to see the enormity of the Israeli crimes against unarmed civilians.

After the atrocities of the war of Gaza, the Zionist enemy’s crimes and the steadfastness of Gaza Strip ,of people, factions, Resistance and government, and before starting to calculate profits and losses for all parties, everyone became aware that “Hamas” and the resistance have become a regional player must be borne in mind before taking any step.

The Zionist enemy did not set clear goals for its campaign for many reasons, among it is the fear of being subjected to a new commission of inquiry such as that headed by Judge Vinograd which was stricter than Kahana and Agranat commissions. Another reason is distracting and confusing Palestinians and Arabs, as we see Netanyahu praising the war leaders despite their brutality.

Bidders say the campaign hasn’t achieved key objectives which is keeping Hamas and the option of resistance out of the equation in order to subject the rest of Palestinians for a very long time as happened with the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) which raised the slogan of an armed struggle and the result was crossing out this objective from the organization’s program and starting negotiations, for more than half a century, without reaching any result.

Since Palestinians gained nothing but more oppression, division and returning back to Gaza- Zionist struggle after it was Palestinian-Zionist and originally was an Arab-Zionist struggle.

Perhaps the devil of Olmert, Livni and Barak who led the campaign and wanted to collect the seeds of its success next elections, had inspired them not to go further until completely destroying Hamas or taking away all its weapons with a percentage of 100% instead of 70% as they claim (its been said that fractions have 1200 missile, launched only 800 of it during war) or to force Hamas leaders to surrender and ask for negotiations for peace under the Zionist conditions, after the Egyptian attempts failed and the ways of deceiving used by Abu Mazen and other mediators.

All these reasons led to the war which was prepared to in advance.

Unfortunately, Arabs don’t learn from their enemies and they cannot identify them despite the slogan of “Know your Enemy” since the failure in 1970’s war. Despite all pro-formalizers who claimed they were studying the enemy and trying to understand its psychology and ways of thinking, ways of working and its plans to control over the region, they did not provide us with anything useful.

Meanwhile, Hamas has to realize that despite all sacrifices and victims it came out politically stronger with more popular support and expectations from it. It also became a regional player by attending “Gaza Summit” in Doha with Hamas leaders and attending also the “economic summit” in Kuwait through those who supported the option of resistance.

Hamas had started a peaceful resistance movement during the first Intifada recognizing the difficulty of starting an armed resistance and was limited and bound by Oslo Agreement and suffered the forceful displacement of more than 400 of its leader to Marj Elzohour, Southern Lebanon, and came back with heads up to lead Palestinian people and enter a new plight by the Palestinian National Authority which assured the enemies commitment to Oslo resolutions.

Sharm El Sheikh Summit of 1996 with the former President of the US Bill Clinton and leaders of the region was aiming at combating terrorism intended to blockade the Palestinian resistance, especially after its qualitative transformation and using white arms which quickly evolved to firearms and martyrdom operations.

Hamas had suffered Palestinian Security campaigns in 1996 until the outbreak of the second Intifada (ALaqsa Intifada) after Sharon’s suspected visit to Alquds. This intifda was harshest and more painful to the enemy and included many martyrdom operations raised lots of questions about the resistance, especially the 11th of September events and the spread of the idea of suicide operations

Arafat chose a new option that falls between resistance and negotiations and the half opened door, and he paid the price for this; blockade and martyrdom. He died faithful to Palestine and raised the principles of martyrdom and non-compromising on national values.

Hamas gained, as a result of its resilience and steadfastness, a mass support in Gaza and the West Bank.

European – American- Zionist- Regional attempts were made to include it in the political process (as a trial only, not as a moral or political commitment) in addition to containing it and making its leaders try the taste of power and authority and meet with leaders..etc. however Hamas, without planning, won the majority and formed a single government after “Fatah” refused to participate, then a government of national unity due to Arab and International pressures with a Hamas demand and conviction while factions refused to put their hands in the hands of those who don’t understand politics like those who are expertise and manipulated all parties through all the time.

The Developing events are known to all except of this part: Blockading and starvation for Gaza, deliberate division of the land and power between Gaza and the West Bank, the imposition of a government that only represent the donors since the corruption of “Fatah”, the rejection of Hamas and Abu Mazen’s determination on crossing out the option of resistance as a right or as a paper to support its position in negotiations and running after the mirage of Annapolis which was covered by the burning of UN premises which turned it into “Nothing”.

Today Hamas needs to have a serious stop for an honest and objective review, without the calculation of profits and losses, not only to stop at the war on Gaza, who won and who got defeated since this will be studied by historians, thinkers and observers. Not only to stop when getting ready for a new round with the enemy, which might happen very soon, since the enemy realized that their goals haven’t been achieved and magic turned against the magician.

The demand is further than that: Searching for an answer to the question: what is the alternative, especially after the failure of the closing statement of Kuwait Summit to adopt Doha Summit resolution to suspend the Arab initiative for peace?

What is needed is a clear road map to the resistance option and the limits of the wishes and aspirations of the Palestinian people to an independent state, liberation of Jerusalem and the return of refugees, at least accepted by Hamas and some or most of the fictions in a two-state solution, recommended internationally and known in advance that any negotiations would never work since the enemy would only accept a complete compliance regarding Jerusalem and return of the refugees and would never relinquish settlements.

A vision for the future is needed, where Palestinians refusing to compromise on these rights –and it’s a right for them- and resistance by all means – which is an honor for them and for us- and those rejecting the surrender and comply- a position of every free and honorable person- a vision where all of these can show to the world after “the war on Gaza”.

Steadfastness is an honor, resistance held our heads high, and the withdrawal of the enemy after the Nazis campaign which killed hundreds of children, women and civilians is a reasonable winning of a round in a battle that lasted for a hundred years, according to the British magazine “the Economist”.

This legendary steadfastness has attracted enormous popular support in most parts of the world. This support includes great diversity needs:

1- A humanitarian message able to address all these kids of diversity.

2- A good framework ensures its continuity.

3- To turn it into a political influence for the governments.

Many and major changes had happened in the Arab attitude and in Egypt’s attitude in particular which has a confused position after it’s files became complicated and interests overlapped and internal with external threats mixed up. Palestine as a whole, not only Gaza, needs a firm and supportive Egyptian position.

Meanwhile Hamas wants ti make the mediation for reconciliation not only Egyptian but Arab mediation, and it has the right to do so as it sensed a biad to “Abu Mazen” as a person not even to “Fatah”, to “Dahlan” not even to “Marawan” for example.

Qatar became a regional player, but the limits of its role are known and cannot be relied upon much. All it can provide is “Aljazeera” to be a platform to the resistant media and reasonable financial support in addition to playing the role of the mediator to some international actors who wants to negotiate with Hamas but don’t want to announce it at the current stage.

The Turkish role is welcomed by Arabs and Egyptians in particular unlike the Iranian role which was played skillfully on supporting the resistance for the Iranian national interests and benefited from this support much more than the resistance itself benefited from it.

Turks may have a significant interest in playing a role in the Palestinian file in order to achieve other interests in the European file.

“Today is a new day in America” as said by Obama in his inauguration speech, which requires an honest review by Hamas to the American and European position, since a justifiable or even a temporary solution, for Palestinians to have a break cannot be reached without a fundamental American role with a European supportive role without sensing, by all, that the Palestinian side is not only holding on and has a vision too. Here Hamas needs to review the martyrdom operations which were imposed due to certain conditions, by which it was used as an excuse to be classified as a terrorist movement.

Without reaching a real Palestinian unity to support this vision, which should be framed by Hamas and the Resistance, Palestinians wouldn’t reach concrete results since the enemy and some regional parties are not concerned with solving the issue or even lifting the suffering of the Palestinians and pours oil on the fire of the Palestinian divisions.

Hamas has to realize that it cannot cross out any Palestinian faction in addition to “Abu Mazen” and the authority.

Meanwhile, the reconstruction of Gaza forces the dealing with the government of Ismail Haneyah and enhances its legitimacy, and no one can impose another fact on the people of Gaza.

Hamas has to start thinking calmly and review honestly its calculations, since it started a new phase which needs a cool mind and a passion for the great interest of the Palestinian people.

* Quoted from “Al Hayat” Newspaper, London

Egypt installs cameras, censors on borders with Gaza

Egypt has begun installing cameras and motion sensors along its border with the Gaza Strip to try to combat smuggling to the Hamas-run territory, security sources said on Saturday.

The sources said that the installation started two days earlier with the help of American, French and German experts, and added the installation was the first phase in installing an advanced monitoring system.

The USA had pledged 32 million dollars to provide high-tech equipment that would help detect tunnels along the Egyptian-Palestinian borders and assigned its engineering corps to assist the Egyptian authority in this operation.

Tunnels have turned into a vital source for providing foodstuff and other goods for the besieged Palestinian people in Gaza after all crossings of the Strip including the Rafah terminal with Egypt were closed since mid 2007 following Hamas"s control of the Strip.

Israel claims that Palestinian resistance factions were using those tunnels to smuggle weapons and urged the USA and Europe to take appropriate measures to monitor and block arms smuggling into Gaza.

It is really difficult to take seriously those who think that the new American envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell, has a real chance of getting Israel, the Nazi-like entity, to end its occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, and therefore achieve a just and lasting peace in this tortured part of the world.

True, Mitchell succeeded in resolving the 800-year-old conflict in Northern Ireland . However, with Israel in tight control of the American Congress, media and public discourse, it is unlikely that Mitchell will be able to do much in terms of pressuring the apartheid state to take a strategic decision to end its 40-year-old colonialist occupation of Palestinian territories.

The factors militating against Mitchell’s mission are numerous and overwhelming.

First, Mitchell should be honest enough to realize that Israel has effectively killed any realistic prospects of creating a viable Palestinian state in the West Bank . The building of hundreds of Jewish-only colonies throughout the occupied territories has simply left no room for establishing such a state.

This is of course unless a quisling Palestinian leadership will be cajoled or coerced into accepting a “state” made up of disconnected Bantustans and townships under tight Israeli control.

Needless to say, such a scandalous sell-out of Palestinian rights would be strongly and violently rejected by a vast majority of Palestinians, and whatever Palestinian “Judenrat” acceding to such deal would be mercilessly crushed and its members killed like stray dogs in the streets of the West Bank .

Traitors who trade the national patrimony of their people for money, investment and preferential treatment by America and Israel can’t really hope for a better treatment from their people. This is how traitors are treated everywhere.

Moreover, it should be amply clear by now that no Israeli government would be able, even if willing, to dismantle the hundreds of settlements built on occupied Arab land since 1967.

The Israeli society and political environment are simply too jingoistic to allow any Israeli government to undo the “gains” of the 1967 war.

There are those who may argue that the settlers and their supporters can be overruled by a majority of Israelis who want peace. Well, this is not an accurate appraisal of reality. The settlers and their supporters represent a real majority within the Israeli society and especially within the Israeli army, as the upcoming Israeli elections will undoubtedly show.

This is the reason why successive Israeli governments consistently refrained from dismantling even a single settlement, including those created brazenly illegally, even according to the lopsided Israeli law itself. (All settlements are illegal according to international law as elucidated a few years ago by the International Court of Justice in the Hague ).

Israeli leaders know deep in their heart that dismantling settlements and removing settlers could lead to a Jewish civil war. Olmert, whose election platform a few years ago was based on a promise to remove settlements east of the “Separation Wall,” eventually cringed before the settlers and didn’t dare to remove a single outpost.

Hence, it is inconceivable that in the absence of a truly massive political and psychological earthquake hitting the collective Israeli psyche, no Israeli government would be able to embark on the unthinkable task of dismantling the settlements and withdrawing to the armistice lines of the 4th of June, 1967 .

Needless to say, such an “earthquake” can only be triggered by the United States , Israel’s guardian-ally. However, for such an earthquake to occur in Israel , a stronger political earthquake would have to occur in Washington D.C. first.

I am talking about a mental and political transformation, a real revolution that would free the American political class from the stranglehold of American Zionism, the demonic ghoul now gripping America by the throat.

This takes us to another question. Is America capable of extricating herself from this Zionist grip? Can America say “No” to the Israeli bully and act on it? Can America outsmart and outmaneuver the tyrannical Zionist clique enslaving America now?

I am raising these questions because all the old tools of trying to resolve the conflict in Palestine have been tried ad nauseam and proven ineffective and bankrupt.

This necessarily requires new “unorthodox” and “un-classical” tools that would convince Israel that “enough is enough” and that America wouldn’t continue to play the role of powerful whore in the service of Zionist supremacy in the Middle East .

But in order to reach such a realization, America would have to think honestly and do a lot of soul-searching. America would have to confront itself with the naked facts about the Nazi-like monster known as Israel. America would have to face the fact that the huge crisis now haunting the American economy is attributed first and foremost to Israel . More to the point, America needs to realize that unless Israel is reined in, America itself will go down. Isn’t America already going down, at least in part because it allowed a tiny criminal entity 10,000 miles away to dictate American policy and behavior toward the rest of the world.

After all, it was Israel that by way of deception got the unmissed ignoramus of the White House, George Bush, to invade, occupy and destroy two sovereign Muslim nations and murder or cause the death of over a million human beings.

It was Israel that envisaged the so-called “war on terror.” And it may well be proven eventually that Israel stood behind the 9/11 events. Yes, I don’t possess irrefutable evidence proving this point right now, but the cunning Zionist serpent is too demonic, too nefarious and too sly to be given the benefit of the doubt.

Hence, I would like to give the following advice to Mr. Mitchell.

Don’t be naïve, Israel and its leaders will try to dilute your mission by eviscerating it of substance. They will seek to overwhelm you with mountains of red-herring tactics. They will raise all sorts of issues, real and imagined to confuse you. They will shamelessly raise the issue of terror, ignoring the cardinal fact that Israel herself is the most satanic embodiment of terror in this world. They will speak about “anti-Semitism,” overlooking the obvious fact that Israel’s Nazi behaviors, e.g. the recent genocidal blitzkrieg in Gaza , are the premier generator of anti-Semitism around the world.

They will confront you with an avalanche of distractions to divert attention from the real core issue, their enduring Nazi-like occupation of Palestinian land and their unmitigated oppression of the Palestinian people.

If you are brave and honest, confront them, let them frown in your face, let them get angry. But don’t cower, or cave in to their bullying tactics, even if they threaten to mobilize Congress against you and your boss in Washington .

They might hint to you that the Jews control America and could therefore get the President to fire you. Don’t be impressed by this. Report it directly to Mr. Obama.

You are likely to be affronted soon by a man named Benyamin Netanyah, who is likely to become Israel’s next Prime Minister.

This man is a pathological liar, a professional propagandist who thinks that effective hasbara (propaganda) is the solution for all problems. Diversionary tactics and verbal prevarication are his policy and sheer mendacity is his modus operandi. So, don’t be deceived by his false magic.

Finally, I would like to say the following:

Be honest and frank with your boss in Washington . Tell him that Israel doesn’t want peace and is not seeking true peace partners among Palestinians.

A country that has built and continues to build settlements on stolen land obviously doesn’t want peace. Moreover, a country that bullies peace partners, e.g. the Palestinian Authority, to act and behave very much like the “Jewish councils” in Nazi-occupied Europe did, doesn’t seek genuine peace partners, but genuine quislings and bona fide collaborators.

Also, tell Mr. Obama that Israel and her leaders don’t really take America seriously. I give you one little example. In eight years of Bush’s misrule, and despite incessant and occasionally aggressive demands from Washington to remove roadblocks from the West Bank to enhance Palestinian mobility and help revive the region’s moribund economy, Israel actually increased rather than decreased the number of these evil checkpoints and roadblocks…and they did it under America ’s nose.

(Didn’t Olmert boast recently about ordering President Bush to instruct Condoleezza Rice to abstain from voting in favor of a UNSC resolution calling for ceasefire in the Gaza Strip?)

Remember these barriers are erected in the heart of Palestinian population centers, not along side the Green Line, e.g. between Israel and the West Bank . They are meant primarily to torment and savage the Palestinian people.

This was done while Israeli leaders and officials were having chummy chats with Rice who visited Occupied Jerusalem and Ramalla 24 times. And the result of all her visits was a great fat zero. Well, Mr. Mitchell, try to learn from Rice’s monumental failure…don’t repeat it, even if you have to quit.

Good luck Mr. Mitchell.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Mohamed El-Sayyed Habib (MB Vice-Chair) described the withdrawal of the Turkish PM Ragab Tayyeb Erdogan from the Davos World Economic Forum during the debate between him and Israeli President Perez as a stance that suits a leadership who stands up for truth and justice and by the side of a people whose rights have been violated, lands usurped, lives killed, and bodies whose blood and wounds have witnessed the heinousness of the crimes which took place on the Palestinian lands in Gaza.

Habib added, "We appreciate Erdogan"s stance, look up to it with high esteem and respect, and consider it a brave stance at the time when the Israeli President Shimon Perez wanted to twist and cover up on the truth." In fact, Habib considered it an obligation in response to the Israeli crimes that took place under the sight of the whole world leading millions around the world to demonstrate their anger.

Habib pointed out that these criminals will be chased on charges of aggression and committing war crimes, genocides, and crimes against humanity whether in the international or regional courts.

Habib also clarified that these crimes haven"t ended as the Israeli siege on Gaza and suffering continues and the crossings remain closed.

Worthy to be mentioned was Turkish PM Ragab Tayyeb Erdogan"s warm reception by his people upon his return after his withdrawal from the high-pitched debate in Davos.

Palestinian agriculture minister Dr. Mohammed Al-Agha has requested Arab and European parties to help his ministry in examining samples of the soil, water, and sea water in Gaza, explaining that the chemical weapons used by the Israeli occupation forces in Gaza posed a big threat to the agriculture and damage the environment.

"We are extremely worried about the vast number of bombs and missiles dropped on agricultural areas in the Gaza Strip as reports confirmed that those bombs included white phosphorus and depleted uranium", explained Agha in letters he sent to his counterparts in a number of Arab, Muslim, and foreign countries.

He also urged his counterparts to take firm stands against those Israeli practices, saying that the Israeli warships were still shelling Palestinian fishing boats anchored at Gaza port.

The minister estimated the losses in the agricultural sector to more than 170 million dollars, indicating that the Israeli aggression destroyed vast areas of fertile lands, water wells, and pastures, pointing out that his ministry lacks the needed equipments to cope with the problem due to the unjust Israeli siege on the heavily populated Strip.

"We won"t beg for our rights that the international laws had given us as we were democratically elected by our people, and thus we are obliged to protect those rights; however, I want to remind you that your failure in helping our people in this regard doubles the pain and suffering of the oppressed and innocent Palestinians in Gaza. Yet, history would always remember those who take good stands in time of need", Agha underlined in his letter.

The Egyptian MB Parliamentary Bloc expressed their deep appreciation of the moral stance of the Turkish PM Ragab Tayyeb Erdogan on Thursday, January 29, in the Davos Forum, when he withdrew from the debate session after the conference"s moderator proved to be biased towards the occupational party and to the flagrant aggression on Gaza which left 7000 dead and wounded.

MB Parliamentary Bloc Head Mohamed El-Katatny said in a press statement that the MB MPs who closely followed up on the immensity of the humanitarian disaster that afflicted Gaza hail the brave stance of the Turkish PM who, in front of the whole Davos gathering in the presence of Israeli President Shimon Perez, stood up for the victims of the criminal Israeli war waged on our children, women, and people in Gaza.

El-Katatny called on Arab leaders, especially those who meet with Israeli leaders in international events, to follow the example of the Turkish leadership in dealing with the Israelis who commit such cold-blooded brutal massacres.

"It is more appropriate for Arab leaders, who brag about their Arabism and care for neighbor"s rights, to show their fury over the blood that was shed in Gaza as Erdogan did," El-Katatny said.

Empat wakil PAS ke Gaza semula, naiki kapal diatur Fathi Yakan

Tue | Feb 03, 09 | 9:02:24 am MYT

LEBANON, 3 Feb (Hrkh) - SMS Bendahari PAS kepada Penolong Pengarang Harakahdaily Azamin Amin memaklumkan empat wakil PAS menyertai rombongan misi kemanusiaan ke Gaza sekali lagi dengan menaiki kapal daripada pelabuhan Tripoli dekat sini.

Kata Dr. Hatta Ramli rombongan kemanusiaan itu diketuai oleh Ahli Parlimen PAS Padang Terap Nasir Zakaria dan misi itu diaturkan sendiri ulama terkenal Lebanon Dr Fathi Yakan.

Misi itu turut disertai oleh 80 orang sukarelawan pelbagai negara dan ramai wartawan antarabangsa.

"Setakat ini kapal tersebut telah belayar menuju Larnaca, cyprus sebelum mengarah ke Gaza," sms Dr Hatta jam 7.00 pagi tadi.

Katanya Presiden PAS Dato' Seri Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang yang masih di Lebanon berharap penyertaan PAS dalam rombongan itu akan memberi manfaat kepada rakyat Palestin dari segi moral dan material.

Ahlirombongan PAS terdiri daripada Wan Sharafi (Kelantan),Zulkifli Lazim (Penang) dan Zulkifli Ashaari(Pahang) dan penyertaan PAS adalah atas undangan Sheikh Bilal dari Persatuan Harakah Tauhid, Lebanon yang juga penganjur bersama ketika bertemu rombongan Presiden PAS Ahad lalu.

"Ini adalah pengalaman pertama PAS dalam rombongan antarabangsa menggunakan kapal.

"Tidak dapat diramalkan sama ada kapal ini akan berjaya memasuki perairan Gaza dikawal tentera laut rejim zionis Israel.Rakyat diminta mendoakan keselamatan mereka," akhiri sms Ahli Parlimen Kuala Krai itu kepada Azamin._

Kehidupan Mujahid Palestina

Selasa, 03/02/2009 11:29 WIB

Seperti apa kehidupan para mujahid Palestina? Tiga orang mujahid Palestina diwawancarai oleh menuturkan keseharian mereka.

"Kami hidup normal dan biasa saja, kecuali di saat perang. Ketika perang, kami tidak pernah lagi tinggal atau sempat pulang ke rumah, bahkan untuk sedetikpun. Untuk mengetahui kondisi keluarga, kami menelefon mereka, atau mengirim seseorang yang kami percaya. Dalam kondisi normal, kami berkumpul bersama keluarga, silaturahim dengan teman-teman. Perang membuat semuanya menjadi sulit." ujar salah seorang dari mereka.

"Apakah kami memikirkan kematian? Tentu saja, kami sangat khawatir, tapi bukan terhadap diri kami sendiri, melainkan pada keluarga kami. Seperti siapapun di dunia ini, kita selalu kuatir terhadap keluarga kita melebihi pada diri sendiri. Kami telah memilih jalan perjuangan, tak ada yang memaksa kami. Ini pilihan hidup kami."

"Dunia selalu mengira kami membesarkan anak-anak untuk menjadikan mereka barisan perjuangan melawan Israel, itu salah besar. Kami tidak pernah sama sekali melibatkan anak-anak dalam perjuangan kami. Itu adalah propaganda Israel. Semua yang terlibat dalam perjuangan adalah laki-laki dewasa, mulai dari usia 20, 25 dan 30 tahun. Mereka yang tergabung menyadari benar akan risiko menjadi mujahid. Sekali lagi kami tidak pernah sekalipun menggunakan anak-anak untuk menghadapi musuh!"

"Yang ada dalam pikiran kami ketika kami menarik pelatuk, bagi saya pribadi, saya harus membunuh mereka, tentara-tentara Israel itu seperti mereka yang membunuh orang-orang Palestina tak berdosa. Jika saya meninggalkan satu orang tentara Israel saja, maka dia akan kembali membunuh lebih banyak lagi warga kami."

"Orang bertanya bagaimana kami selama ini mendapatkan senjata sedangkan kami dikepung sedemikian rupa. Walaupun Israel menutup semua terowongan, kami akan tetap mendapatkan senjata untuk melindungi diri. Kami mempunyai banyak sekali terowongan yang tidak pernah diketahui oleh siapapun, kecuali kami sendiri. Dan Allah selalu menolong kami."


Dampak Perang, Anak-Anak Gaza Ciptakan "Alfabet Baru"

Selasa, 03/02/2009 09:52 WIB

Perang brutal Israel yang dilancarkan ke Jalur Gaza selama 22 hari melekat kuat dalam ingatan anak-anak Gaza. Sedemikian melekatnya, sehingga anak-anak Gaza memaknai susunan abjad dalam alfabet dengan kata-kata yang berkaitan dengan peperangan yang baru saja mereka alami.

Shaimaa, seorang siswi sekolah dasar di Gaza berusia 10 tahun, tidak lagi menuliskan huruf A misalnya, untuk kata "Apple" atau huruf B untuk kata "Ball". Shaimaa lebih memilik kata "Apache" (jenis helikopter tempur yang digunakan Israel saat menyerang Gaza) untuk huruf A, kata "Blood" (darah) untuk huruf B, kata Coffin (peti mati) untuk huruf C dan kata "Destruction" (kehancuran) untuk huruf D dan seterusnya.

Shaimaa menuliskan koleksi kata-kata semacam itu untuk semua alfabet dalam buku catatannya yang berwarna-warni. Shaimaa bahkan menyatakan, alfabet yang dibuatnya itu harus dipadukan ke dalam kurikulum sekolah karena lebih cocok digunakan untuk belajar sehari-sehari di sekolah.

Hampir semua anak-anak Gaza melakukan hal yang sama dengan Shaimaa. Mereka membuat membuat kata-kata dari susunan alfabet berdasarkan pengalaman mereka melihat dan merasakan sendiri kekejaman Israel dalam perang yang baru saja usai.

Seorang guru di Gaza bernama Amal Yunis mengakui banyak anak-anak tingkat taman kanak-kanak di kelasnya yang juga menggunakan kata-kata yang hampir sama dengan yang digunakan Shaimaa. Ia menceritakan pengalamannya ketika mengajar di dalam kelas, ia menempelkan gambar apel (Apple), bunga (Flower) dan kelinci (Rabbits) dengan warna-warna yang mencolok dengan maksud membuat anak-anak senang melihatnya. Amal lalu bertanya pada murid-muridnya,"Anak-anak, siapa yang tahu kata yang diawali dengan huruf 'F'?

Seorang muridnya bernama Amgad menjawab,"Saya tahu, Bu. 'F' untuk 'F-16' (jenis pesawat tempur yang digunakan Israel)."

Yunis berusaha menjelaskan dan meyakinkan murid-muridnya bahwa jawaban yang benar adalah "Flower". Tapi ia makin terkejut ketika siswa-siswi kecilnya malah memberikan kata-kata yang lain seperti "Fear" (takut), "Flee" (mengungsi) dan "Fire" (api, kebakaran).

Serangan keji Israel ke Gaza membuat anak-anak di Gaza kini akrab dengan bahasa-bahasa yang merefleksikan pengalaman mengerikan mereka selama perang berlangsung. Seorang ibu bernama Umi Faras mengatakan, anak-anaknya kini lebih banyak memperbincangkan tentang perang, pemboman dan kematian. Salah seorang anak lelaki Umi Faras yang masih berusia tiga tahun, sampai sekarang bahkan masih suka gemetar dan menjerit ketakutan jika mendengar suara-suara bising di luar rumah.

"Dia akan menangis dan berteriak, 'ibu .. bom, bom'," tutur Umi Faras.

Lain lagi dengan Alaa Al-Shawwa, seorang anak perempuan Gaza berusia 6 tahun. Ia tidak percaya dengan dongeng-dongeng yang diceritakan ibunya sebelum ia tidur. Ala selalu mengatakan pada orang tuanya, "Tidak Bu. Anak perempuan berbaju merah itu tidak dimakan oleh srigala. Tapi dia dibunuh oleh orang-orang Israel."

Perilaku anak-anak di Gaza, seperti Shaimaa atau Al-Shawwa menunjukkan bahwa mereka mengalami masa-masa yang menakutkan dan penuh tekanan selama berminggu-minggu serangan brutal Israel. Trauma akibat perang telah merampas sifat anak-anak mereka.

"Mereka lupa apa itu damai, gembira dan lucu. Mereka cuma ingat tentang perang, darah dan kematian," kata Fadl Abu Hayen, direktur Center for Social Rehabilitation and Crisis Management.

Itulah gambaran anak-anak di Gaza sekarang, mereka kehilangan masa kanak-kanak yang seharusnya bisa mereka nikmati dengan keriangan dan kehangatan. Sebuah studi yang dilakukan Universitas Queen, Kanada menyebutkan bahwa pola kekerasan yang dialami anak-anak Palestina mengakibatkan dampak psikologis yang sangat serius dan butuh waktu bertahun-tahun untuk memulihkannya. (ln/iol)

Siapa Sebenarnya Mahmud Abbas?

Selasa, 03/02/2009 08:49 WIB

Pasca-agresi Israel terhadap Jalur Gaza, Palestina mempunyai beberapa agenda yang cukup pelik. Selain bersiaga penuh terhadap Israel yang sewaktu-waktu bisa berlaku culas dan kejam, mereka pun disibukkan dengan konfrontasi antara Hamas dan Mahmoud Abbas.

Pasalnya, Abbas, yang secara gegabah dan sewenang-wenang ditunjuk sebagai Presiden Palestina, menyerang Hamas dengan tuduhan-tuduhan yang tak berdasar, semisal bahwa agresi Gaza disebabkan karena serangan roket Hamas ke Israel. Penyataan-pernyataan Abbas kontan membuat banyak media internasional yang telah disetir Yahudi bisa memojokan Hamas sebagai dalang perang di bumi Palestina. Sebenarnya siapakah Mahmoud Abbas?

Mahmoud Abbas, lahir di Safet, 26 Maret 1935, sekarang berumur umur 73 tahun, umumnya dikenal sebagai Abu Mazen. Ia menjadi presiden untuk Otoritas Nasional Palestina (PNA: Palestinian National Authority) pada 9 Januari 2005 dan menjabat kembali sejak 15 Januari 2005. Abbas lahir dan dibesarkan di Safet. Setamat sekolah dasar di kota itu, ia hijrah ke Suriah setelah perang tahun 1948. Ia melanjutkan sekolah menengah dan perguruan tinggi di kota Damaskus. Setelah tamat dari jurusan hukum Universitas Damaskus, ia mendirikan lembaga Palestina pertama pada tahun 1954 di Suriah. Inilah awal mula karier politiknya.

Awal tahun 1960-an, ia menjadi pegawai Departemen Pendidikan di Qatar dan bersahabat dengan Yasser Arafat (1929-2004). Ia kemudian menjadi anggota Majelis Nasional Palestina pada tahun 1968 dan memimpin perundingan tidak resmi dengan Israel pada tahun 1977. Sejak tahun 1983, ia menjadi anggota komite eksekutif Organisasi Pembebasan Palestina (PLO) serta memimpin komite nasional dan internasional yang berkonsentrasi pada urusan organisasi non-pemerintah. Ia memulai kembali perundingan rahasia dengan pejabat Israel pada tahun 1989 lewat perantara Belanda. Ia tetap menjalankan aktivitas perundingan di balik pintu dengan Israel ketika dan pasca-Konferensi Madrid tahun 1991. Pasca Konferensi Madrid, ia dipercaya menjabat sebagai koordinator urusan perundingan. Ia meletakkan rencana dan pengarahan pada tim perunding Palestina.

Abbas adalah pemimpin organisasi revolusi pertama yang menyebut aksi perjuangan dan aksi syahid rakyat Palestina dengan sebutan “terorisme” “yang hina” dan senjatanya dengan “sia-sia” dan pemimpin pertama yang melakukan koordinasi keamanan dengan Israel dalam menangkap pejuang bangsanya sendiri. Ia juga presiden pertama yang berangkulan, berpelukan dan mendekap para pembunuh rakyatnya. Tanpa malu ia memuji dan tersenyum dengan para pembunuh itu. Ia berteman baik dengan Ariel SHaron dan George Bush.

Abbas orang pertama yang badan keamanan kepresidennya berani melanggar masjid-masjid Allah, membunuh imam masjid, penghafal Al-Quran, di negerinya sendiri. Darah Syaikh Majdi Bargothi, Muhammad Rafati, Nahidl Nimr, Muhammad Raddad (penghafal Al-Quran) adalah saksi paling nyata dari kesadisan mereka. Di bawah pemerintahan Abbas, polisi di bawah intruksinya yang pertama yang berani melakukan kekerasan terhadap warga sipil Palestina dan melepas jilbab mereka, cadar mereka di jalan-jalan umum dan kampus-kampus. Ketika pertama kali memerintah, penasihat pribadi Abbas menyelundupkan 3400 handphone di mobil dinasnya. Ia juga menyegel lembaga sosial, lembaga penghafal Al-Quran, memvonis jahat lembaga-lembaga yang menyantuni anak yatim dan keluarga korban serta keluarga fakir miskin.

Abbas mempunyai prinsip, "Tidak ada yang dapat menggantikan dialog" yang ia rujuk kepada kepentingan Yahudi tentunya. Tidak heran jika kemudian ia menjadi orang pertama yang komitmen dengan kesepakatan perbatasan profesionalisme yang mengurangi kedaulatannya sendiri dan diberikan kepada Israel. Inilah yang dilakukan ketika ia menyepakati perjanjian perlintasan Rafah yang ditandatangi dengan Muhammad Dahlan dan Israel tahun 2005. Konon, ini juga salah satu hal yang memicu Mesir membuka Rafah untuk Israel dalam agresi Gaza Desember 2008.


Beda Abbas dan Haniyah

Selasa, 03/02/2009 10:44 WIB

Banyak perbedaan yang mencolok dari kedua tokoh ini. Sebagai sesama orang Palestina kedua tokoh ini berbeda jalan dalam memperjuangkan kemerdekaan Palestina.

Seperti pendahulunya Yasir Arafat, Mahmud Abbas lebih memilih jalan 'damai' dengan Zionis Israel yang jelas-jelas dan nyata merampok negeri Palestina. Bagi Abbas dan PLO nya - lebih baik sedikit daripada tidak sama sekali untuk mendapatkan tanah Palestina. Maka jalan diplomasi, perundingan dan perjanjian damai dengan pihak Israel lebih sering dilakukan oleh Abbas dan PLO. (Baca Siapa sebenarnya Mahmud Abbas?)

Berbeda dengan Abbas, Ismail Haniyah yang merupakan pemimpin Hamas dan juga merupakan Perdana Mentri yang resmi dipilih oleh rakyat Palestina - lebih memilih jalan 'perang' dengan Zionis Israel. Roket-roket dari brigade Izzuddin Al-Qassam yang merupakan sayap militer Hamas secara rutin meluncur ke kawasan Israel.

Gambar-gambar dibawah ini akan memperjelas perbedaan mencolok antara kedua tokoh tersebut :

Abbas lebih suka cipika cipiki dengan Condileeza Rice yang bukan mahramnya.

Haniyah lebih memilih memeluk dan mencium anak Palestina.

Abbas malah memeluk tentara Zionis Israel yang telah nyata membantai rakyat Palestina.

Mencium Hajar Aswad lebih mulia daripada memeluk dan mencium pipi tentara teroris Israel.

Ketawa akrab dengan Simon Peres dan saling memberi masukan dilakukan Abbas.

Haniyah bergaul dan meminta nasihat Ulama Syaikh Ahmad Yassin.

(fq/berbagai sumber)

Erdogan: Cabut Boikot Kemenangan Hamas!

Selasa, 03/02/2009 08:19 WIB Cetak | Kirim

PM Turki Recep Tayyip Erdogan kembali menunjukan dukungannya kepada Hamas. Ia mengeluarkan pernyataan bahwa penyebab situasi panas yang ada di Jalur Gaza adalah kebijakan mengisolasi Hamas dari dunia luar, sekaligus memboikot kemenangannya dalam pemilu Palestina 2006. Hal ini ia utrakan dalam wawancaranya dengan Washington Post. Erdogan juga mengatakan bahwa Hamas sama sekali bukan bagian dari gerakan Iran yang ingin menguasai Timur Tengah.

"Hamas bukan perpanjangan tangan dari Iran. Mereka ikut pemilu sebagai partai politik. Jika saja dunia internasional memberi Hamas kesempatan untuk mengendalikan kuasa politik di Palestina, tidak akan pernah terjadi situasi seperti sekarang ini." ujarnya, sembari mengecam kebijakan demokrasi dunia. "Anda semua berlaku tidak adil terhadap Hamas. Mereka menang pemilu dengan sah, tapi Anda memenjarakan mereka, kemudian Anda berharap Hamas tetap diam. Apakah itu mungkin?"

Erdogan menegaskan pula, sejak Juni 2008, tidak ada satupun korban yang jatuh dari pihak Israel karena penyerangan Hamas.

Sementara itu, Amr Mousa, Sekretaris Umum Liga Arab, menyatakan salut terhadap sikap Erdogan yang mendebat Presiden Israel, Shimon Peres, dan mundur dari Forum Ekonomi Dunia di Davos, Swiss. "Saya pikir, tak ada satupun orang Arab yang berani melakukan tindakan seperti Erdogan." ujarnya. (sa/pi)

Alasan di Balik Keberanian PM Turki Melawan Israel

Senin, 02/02/2009 13:33 WIB

Ketika Recep Tayyib Erdogan (PM Turki) berdebat sengit dengan Shimon Peres (Presiden Israel) dalam forum resmi pekan lalu, dunia internasional banyak mendukung Erdogan.

Sebaliknya, Israel sendiri ketar-ketir, ketakutan akan sikap Erdogan tersebut. Sampai-sampai Duta Besar Israel untuk Turki harus tergopoh-gopoh mendatangi pemerintahan Turki dan bermanis muka. Gabby Levy, duta besar tersebut, mengatakan bahwa hubungan antara Turki dan Israel menjadi krisis setelah kejadian tersebut.

"Ini memang bukan pertama kalinya hubungan Israel dan Turki memburuk." ujar Levy. "Tapi kami yakin, hubungan kami akan segera membaik lagi."

Menurut Levy, selama ini Turki telah menjadi mitra Israel yang loyal. "Pengalaman masa lalu telah menunjukan kalau konflik Israel dengan Turki tidak hanya kali ini saja. Ketika kami menyerang Lebanon tahun 2006, Turki juga menentang dan memusuhi kami."

Turki juga termasuk negara yang pertama mengatakan bahwa dunia harus mengakui kemenangan Hamas dalam pemilu 2009 lampau, padahal ketika itu Israel dengan sengit memprogandakan kepada semua negara di dunia internasional untuk tidak mengakui kemenangan Hamas.

Keberanian Turki ini bukan tanpa sebab. Selama ini perdagangan Israel dengan Turki, bisa mencapai $ 3.4 trilyun dalam satu tahunnya dalam bidang ekonomi, militer dan politik. Ini salah satu hal yang membuat Turki seolah di atas angin, dan membuat Israel ketakutan di tinggal negara itu. (sa/ynet)

Perbandingan Hamas dengan Tentara Israel

Monday, 02/02/2009 12:57 WIB

Agresi 22 hari Gaza barangkali banyak meninggalkan tanda tanya dalam benak semua orang di dunia, bagaimana Hamas selama ini bertahan diri dari gempuran Israel selama agresi biadab itu berlangsung?

Pertama, Kita semua tahu, sebelumnya Gaza sudah dikepung dan diblokade oleh tembok-tembok besar lebih dari 750 KM dengan ketinggian 8 meter, dan di setiap 10 meternya, tentara Israel sudah bersiap di atas pos—menembak siapa saja warga Palestina, terutama Hamas, yang mencoba mendekati tembok tersebut. Ketika perang darat dimulai, posisi Hamas dalam posisi terkurung dan sama sekali tidak mempunyai area lain sebagai jalur alternatif untuk menyelematkan diri. Sementara Israel menguasai semua wilayah di sekeliling Gaza.

Kedua, secara persenjataan, perbandingan Hamas dengan Israel sangat timpang. Saat ini, Israel menduduki urutan keempat dalam sistem pertahanan keamanan dunia setelah AS, China dan Inggris. Ini belum termasuk bantuan militer yang diberikan oleh AS untuk mendukung agresi Israel. Untuk perang Gaza ini, AS menyuplai tidak kurang dari 60.000 ton senjata. Bantuan ini dikirim melalui ratusan kontainer besar, dan banyak pengamat mengatakan bahwa inilah bantuan AS terbesar sepanjang sejarah kepada Israel. Hamas saat ini hanya memiliki 15.000 personil. Sedangkan Israel memiliki 130.000 tentara aktif, dan 400.000 lainnya menunggu di bangku cadangan. Sedangkan Hamas membuat roketnya sendiri yang berasal dari barang-barang bekas. Rangka roketnya terbuat dari bekas tiang listrik, kabel-kabel sambungan detonatornya terbuat dari kabel yang ada di rumah-rumah warga, bahan bakar roketnya terbuat dari gula, dan hulu ledaknya terbuat dari kimia sederhana yang mereka racik sedemikian rupa. Selain itu, suplai bahan baku senjata juga mereka dapatkan melalui ratusan terowongan yang mereka buat yang melintasi perbatasan.

Ketiga, selama agresi, Israel menghancurkan sekitar 200 terowongan, dan Israel sudah berkoar-koar bahwa mereka sudah menghancurkan seluruh terowongan yang dimiliki Gaza. Kenyataannya, saat ini total tidak kurang ada 800 terowongan di Gaza yang dibangun oleh Hamas. Dan 200 terowongan yang telah hancur digasak Israel, Hamas menyebutkan hanya butuh sekitar 3 bulan untuk memperbaikinya.

Keempat, secara fisik, Hamas dan Jalur Gaza lah yang telah banyak menderita kerugian. Tetapi harus diingat, bahwa bukan pihak Hamas yang pertama kali meminta gencatan senjata. Hamas telah melawan dengan sengit, dan itu membuat Israel menarik mundur pasukannya tanpa syarat apapun. Gencatan senjata pun diumumkan secara sepihak oleh Israel. Lima menit sebelum Israel mengumumkan gencatan senjata, Hamas masih meluncurkan roketnya ke wilayah Israel. Selama perang Gaza, Hamas telah meluncurkan sekitar 900 roketnya, dan itu hanya merupakan 1% dari total jumlah roket yang mereka miliki.

Kelima, target penyerangan Israel terhadap Jalur Gaza sedianya hanya dialokasikan untuk waktu 3 hari saja. Tetapi ketika dalam seminggu Gaza belum jatuh juga, Israel mulai kehilangan pamor. Pasalnya, mereka sudah mengundang beberapa pemimpin dunia, seperti PM Jerman, untuk merayakan keberhasilan mereka menaklukan Gaza. Namun bahkan sampai 22 hari, penyerangan itu tak pernah memberikan hasil berarti. Malah dengan lamanya agresi yang kemudian membabi buta itu, Israel menjadi sasaran kemarahan dan kebencian masyarakat dunia.


Senyum Syuhada Gaza

Senin, 02/02/2009 12:40 WIB

Alangkah agungnya seorang yang syahid… Di akhirat ia memperoleh kebesaran luar biasa. Dia tidak meninggalkan dunia ini kecuali dengan barisan yang mulia. Manusia menangis, sedangkan syahid tersenyum…Kegembiraan melihat tempat tinggalnya di surga menyunggingkan senyum di bibir sang syahid, seperti yang kita lihat para Syuhada Gaza berikut ini:

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